18 de abril de 2024

Informes de la industria del deporte

Una selección con los sitios webs más interesantes que publican periódicamente informes relacionados con el negocio en la industria del deporte.

  • Deloitte Sports Business Group // Deloitte are the market leading professional services firm in sport with a specialist, global Sports Business Group dedicated to providing the highest level of service bringing strategic, commercial, financial, regulatory, taxation and general business knowledge to assist their clients.
  • FBIN // We work together with expert researchers to dive deep into specific topics within the football business industry. Based on observed challenges and new upcoming shifts we strive to publish knowledgeable reports giving a clear picture of the current situation and points to take to move forward.
  • KPMG Football Benchmark // Our business intelligence tool standardises and consolidates the financial, operational and social media data of hundreds of professional football clubs.
  • Nielsen Sports // Quarterbacking positive change through sports.
  • SportBusiness // Our reports provide actionable insight and analysis, powered by the industry’s most trusted global media rights and sponsorship deals data.
  • Sportstechx // Industry-leading reports combining facts and figures with qualitative insights.